Our Partners

Te Ramaroa gratefully acknowledges the generous financial investment it receives from its sponsorship partners. Their investment enables us to stage our event for the whole community to enjoy and we simply couldn’t do it without this invaluable support.

Core Funders

Major Partners

Event Sponsors


Anne Rush  -  Margaret Henley  -  Jarden Ltd -  Birgit Neumann & David Monopoli  -  Sally Hunt  -  Annette Milligan  - Anonymous  -  Kirsty Cooper  -  Bronwyn Monopoli  -  Mel Courtney  -  Ursel & Peter Ziegler - Anonymous - Meredith & Jim Cornelius - Intepeople Ltd - Three Kiwis Charitable Trust


Collingwood Manor

Funding Agencies

Mainland Foundation  -  Pub Charity  -  Lion Foundation