Te Ramaroa is delivered for the whole community to enjoy. Here are some highlights from our events to date.

A magical 2018 event

We enjoyed an incredibly strong sense of community, most evident, perhaps, in the Hardy Street Hub, where people gathered (especially around that brazier) to have a chat, swap favourites and must-sees, meet the roving entertainers, and a enjoy a tasty treat from the food stalls.

Here's a little video to relive the magic!

The Light Nelson Event's Lightbulb Men

The return of the much loved Lightbulb Men - we hope you enjoy Part 1 of their wacky hijinks...

The Light Nelson Event 2016

The Light Nelson Event in 2016 drew approximately 2,500 people per hour to view the fabulously creative displays throughout the Queens Gardens and NMIT grounds.

Comments like "Whimsical", "Absolutely Fantastic" and "So fascinating" were heard again and again.

Our whimsical 2016 event

More from our whimsical 2016 event, which attracted the largest number of attendees to date.

Setting up for the 2016 Light Nelson Event

Setting up for the event is a huge job involving the artists and contractors.

"Its amazing to see the ideas people have and the follow through in putting an idea into place. It takes a bit of work. Its amazing to see it all happen here."

Kilmeny Stephens

See Nelson in a new Light

The Lightbulb men were a great hit at the 2016 Light Nelson Event.

Neon Robot in concert at Old St John's

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