Due to the impact of the Covid-19 on our community, we have postponed our event to 2021. While the decision to postpone was a necessity, it was still a difficult one to make knowing that it will be a huge disappointment to everyone involved. However, it is clear in these uncertain times that we now need to focus our energy on looking after each other, our families and our community.

Light Nelson will return in July 2021 with the new name Te Ramaroa and working with our selected artists.

We are excited to be taking a fresh creative direction expanding over a wider footprint with a trail of carefully selected installations placed around NMIT, the Nelson CBD, Cathedral Hill and various laneways, as well as at least one major work in the Queens Gardens.

He waka eke noa – take care everyone, we look forward to coming together again with you in July 2021.


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The next Te Ramaroa Event will take place from 9 - 13 July 2021.
Submissions for artist proposals have closed and all successful applicants have been notified.

Te Ramaroa is a free outdoor event featuring a dazzling array of installations. Te Ramaroa celebrates the alluring qualities of light - to illuminate, transform, and to make a winters night a while lot more magical.

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Te Ramaroa is a celebration of community and creativity

We love how the community shapes the spirit of Te Ramaroa. Remember that most of the installations are made by folk from the community – school teachers, chocolate makers, scientists, distillers, electricians and the like, so although there are some professional artists in the mix, most works were created in people’s spare time, in their lounge room, and with an unlimited amount of passion and commitment (and endless patience and encouragement from their family and friends!).

And at the event itself, there was an incredibly strong sense of community, most evident, perhaps, in the Hardy Street Hub, where people gathered (especially around that brazier) to have a chat, swap favourites and must-sees, meet the roving entertainers, and a enjoy a tasty treat from the food stalls.

Here's a little video to relive the magic!

Light Nelson Collective

The Collective is the birthplace of the Light Nelson event (now Te Ramaroa) and remains its creative engine. The Collective provides a supportive, educational and creative environment that is open to everybody. It's an opportunity to share ideas, skills, collaborate on projects or even just socialise with like-minded people. You can join on-line discussions and keep up with activities on the Collective Facebook page and you may also wish to sign up to the Collective mailing list

For further information contact [email protected]