Installation Map

GMap: Installations

40. Food & Drinks 

Kirby Lane, upper Trafalgar St, Morrison Sq & Queens Gardens

Looking at light installations can build up a real hunger, and so we have some fantastic options for you to refuel, and get back out there.


39. Community Stage 

A different line-up every night

Every night a different line-up, from blues and rock n roll, to Bollywood dance groups and a Vanuatu group ensemble - Nelson sure has the goods when it comes to talent!


1. Interactive Games Area 

SuperNatural Studio + The Spinnakers, Nelson Whakatū

Come to Parker Gallery for two unique interactive installations by:
• SuperNatural Studio
• The Spinnakers


2. Infinity Window 

APL Emerge Nelson/Marlborough

Look into the window and experience the illusion of an endless space. The reflections appear to get smaller and smaller as they fade into infinity.


3. Timeless 

40+ artists globally

Timeless is a piece of projected digital art, crafted by over 40 artists globally. The projections takes us on a journey through time and space, travelling through different universes, all while keeping the building as a constant, timeless feature.


4. Unreliable Artefacts 

Lee Woodman, Nelson Whakatū

Created by artist Lee Woodman, Unreliable Artefacts seeks to invent fictional narratives within central cityscapes to enhance and draw attention to otherwise unremarkable alleys and places.


5. Radius 

Klaasz Breukel, Nelson Whakatū

A series of hypnotic abstractions – images, colours, light and glitches.


6. Under Your Skin 

Quin Dental, Nelson Whakatū

In a country filled with diverse languages, cultures and traditions, it’s important to remember that beneath our unique exteriors we are all fundamentally alike. Come and see what it looks like Under Our Skin.


7. Galaxiies 

Project Mahitahi, Nelson City Council

A cosmos of sparkling whitebait twinkle and dance above the waters of the Mahitahi. You’re invited to learn about their ecology, using special UV torches to discover the unique and varied species collectively known as Galaxiids.


8. Āniwaniwa 

Cille Mheanaidhdottir, Nelson Whakatū

Look around and see a dragon’s fire illuminating crystals suspended from the trees. Look at your companions to see they are all covered in sparkling rainbows too!


9. Matariki ahunga nui, Matariki hunga nui 

RMM Landscape Architects with Victory Primary School, Nelson Whakatū
Victory Primary School is delighted to work with RMM Architects to create this installation. Students were part of creating an artwork on a large scale.

10. Simon 

Drew McGlashen, Nelson Whakatū

Watch, Remember, Repeat! Did you play Simon in the 80s - that crazy electronic memory game with the four coloured lights and tones? Now you can play again on a grand scale!


11. The Dark and the Light 

Maggy J, Nelson Whakatū

Taking inspiration from Morocco, these three chandeliers celebrate the work of women, pre-used materials that are destined for landfill, and the beauty and mystery of shadows created through the projection of light.


12. Stalactite 

Jarrod Barrow, Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

Stalactite takes a rarely seen, naturally occurring dark part of nature, and juxtaposes it with metals, plastics and LEDs for a modern take on this incredible natural structure.


13. Return Delivery II 

Sue Heydon, Nelson Whakatū

Step into Nelson’s 19th century Trout Hatchery to see wondrous creatures floating from the ceiling. The glowing lanterns show the development of trout ova into juvenile fish.


14. Illuminated Objects 

NMIT Te Pūkenga Art & Media Students, Nelson Whakatū

A series of works by current Art & Media Students, exploring the many qualities, aspects and effects of light.


15. Scope 

Klaasz Breukel in collaboration with Ellen Cieraad, Nelson Whakatū

Consider the dark side of light, as Scope illuminates the shadows, and invites you to participate in our online questionnaire on the topic of lit-up nights.


16. Ko Hinemoa, ko ahau 

Shift Collective, Wellington Te Whanganui a Tara

Love vibrates at a high frequency creating energy that can lead to energy transitions, transformation and moments of great change. Just like the whakataukii ‘Ko Hinemoa, ko ahau’, we must risk all for love.


17. Dot Matrix 

Shane Hobson, Whanganui

Dot Matrix is 2,500 illuminated switches where you can flick the switches to create words and lo-res graphics.


18. The Bubble Room & Wall of Wonder 

Mr Science, Nelson Whakatū

Mr Science has created an interactive installation for all ages, where everyone can blow bubbles and be amazed at the display of light and colour. There’s also a wall of LCD monitors to capture the action.


20. Global Stitch Up 

Cultural Conversations Crochet Group, Nelson Whakatū

Imagine a magical winter wonderland, with little tents and their sparkling lights, Colombian style snowballs, and Ojode dios (god’s eyes), drawing on ideas and winter memories from around the world.


19. Sundara Light Dances 

Cultural Conversations, Nelson Whakatū

5 minute dances that will be shown 4 times between 6pm & 7pm. Enjoy the illuminated movement of dancing textiles and South Asian dance.


21. Loop 

NMIT Te Pūkenga Art & Media Students, Nelson Whakatū

See the work of nine students from NMIT, projected above upper Trafalgar Street.


22. Vesak Lantern 

Nilantha manjula Nammuni arachchi, Nelson Whakatū

Vesak is one of Sri Lanka’s most spectacular festivals, commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha. Nilantha manjula Nammuni arachchi has built this large-scale lantern to showcase his culture.


23. Phonogram 

Simon Holden & Angus Muir, Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

Phonogram is a stunning light and sound instrument that allows participants to interact with its hexagonal grid of glowing pixels. This unique artwork not only lets users control the lighting, but also creates an interactive soundscape.


24. Firefly 

Created & performed by Chloe Loftus. Rigging by Tym Miller-White. Nelson Whakatū

Chloe Loftus brings whimsical magic to Te Ramaroa once again with Firefly. Catch sight of this nocturnal spirit as they soar, float and tumble across the night sky.


25. Bloom 

Angus Muir & Harris Keenan. Soundtrack by Arun Strickland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Bloom features a larger-than life vase, holding an abundant display of stylised flowers in a variety of vibrant shapes and sizes. The bright colours and neon designs radiate an electric kaleidoscope of untamed beauty.


26. The Pulse 

VJ Cubeman aka Darrell Smith and Ben Foot, ProjektNZ, Wellington Te Whanganui a Tara

Projected on to the Cathedral tower, The Pulse is based on the elements of mauri (life force), mana (authority/power), tapu (sacred and restricted customs) and wairua (spirit).


27. Dreaming in Laser Beams 

Lightcraft Lasers, Wellington Te Whanganui a tara

Try your hand at controlling lasers as they drift and float through the trees to live generated soundscapes. Get hands-on with the generator to create unique audio-visual explorations.


28. Moketapu Light & Shadows 

Nelson Intermediate School, Nelson Whakatū

A group of students in the STEAM learning programme have been looking at light and shadows, telling a story projected onto the tent walls to capture a moment in time.


29. The Giggle Tree 

Hannah Walker, Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

The Giggle Tree is a catalyst to plant the seed of amusement, to grow and spread laughter, to create a sense of unity and connection, and to cultivate a forest of light-hearted laughter.


30. Glass 

Erica Sklenars & Ben Foot, ProjektNZ, Wellington Te Whanganui a Tara

Glass is an immersive art installation that transforms the entrance of the cathedral into a mesmerising display of animated imagery, taking inspiration from stained glass windows.


31. Cathedral By Candlelight 

Nelson Cathedral

See our Cathedral in a whole new light when the interior is lit up with candles.


32. Hyphae 

Lynda Duncan, Nelson Whakatū

Hyphae uses organic materials including wax and strands of hair. Over the period of the installation Hyphae will grow, making connections and decisions about where it will branch out.


33. Flight of the Piwakawaka 

flamedaisy, Nelson Whakatū

Flight of the Piwakawaka is about home and the nuclear family – from sunrise, through the day's journey, to our welcome return at sunset.


34. Neon Sculptures & Glassblowing 

flamedaisy, Nelson Whakatū

See glass come to life with a series of demonstrations at flamedaisy glass studio.


35. Matariki 

Te Oro Hā

Be embraced in a sanctuary of sounds, voices and projections, carrying the stories of Matariki. Told by Te Ora Hā with art by Ashia Te Moananui, installed by Lee Woodman.


36. Under the Sea Light and Movement 

Ministry of Inspiration, Nelson Whakatū

Under the Sea Light and Movement is an immersive and interactive experience of sea creatures, light, shadow, and motion.


37. Nga Manawataki o te Koiora: Biorhythms 

Uncalculated (aka Rewa Wright & Simon Howden), Nelson Whakatū

Nga manawataki o te koiora: Biorhythms is a projection mapping and installation piece that takes you on a journey into a computational transduction of the forest, rivers and oceans of Aotearoa/New Zealand.


38. The Suter Art Gallery 

The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatū

The Suter is staying open until 8:30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, with two exhibitions that feature light.

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