Installation Map

1. Food of the Gods 

Hogarth Chocolate Makers 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

From beans to bar: find out about the origins of chocolate in this magical, illuminated cocoa farm.


2. Simon 

Drew McGlashen / Waimea College 
RSA Memorial, Piki Mai, Cathedral Hill 

Gather 4 players for a game of 'Simon', illuminating surrounding objects at the push of a button in a giant game of memory.


3. 10,000 Fireflies 

Mr Science 
Refinery Artspace, 114 Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand 

This one is for you, tamariki ma! Join Mr Science and create a beautiful, flashing RGB installation of fireflies.


4. Māramatanga 

Tanya Nock & Cultural Conversations Community 
Refinery Artspace, 114 Hardy St, Nelson, New Zealand 

Moon Salutation: exploring the elements of water, light and sound, this installation is made with upcycled materials and invites the viewer to connect to the cycles of the moon and themselves. Accompanied by original soundtrack combining electronic drone, Karakia taonga puoro and Indian sanskrit moon mantra.


5. Lipstick on the Glass 

Raspberry Productions 
216 Hardy Street 

An interactive video installation that pays tribute to the famous 1980s Polish song by Maanan, set on streets of Warsaw. Go pass the Porta Via window on Hardy Street to discover Lipstick on the Glass for yourself.  Everybody sing: ‘Whose that lipstick on the glass…”


6. A trail of light 

Klaasz Breukel 
various locations across town 

This installation is interactive and consists of multiple digital works scattered across town. A treasure hunt made up of tiles, posters or objects that each trigger individual AR experiences.
Download the free Artivive app for the full experience:


7. Aotearoa Trip Advisor 

Stacey Lupton & Peter Nicholas 
57 Collingwood Street (access via carpark) 

Take a trip around Aotearoa and be surprised by what you see. This video installation is a play on the coming-of-age tradition of going on a road trip and taking in new sights.


8. Light Hearted 

Lynda Duncan & Victory Primary School Maungatapu Syndicate 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

Years 4-6 students have created thermoformed nightlights that they have designed, made and created circuitry for themselves, learning about the nature of light, understand simple electronics and experience the design /art making process based around the theme will be the visualising of word for light (using the full range of languages represented in our school).


9. Rimurapa Light in Motion 

Lynda Duncan 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

An installation using inflated dried Rimurapa (bull kelp) and shaped wax, giving a nod to the tradition of many cultures, like Ngai Tahu here in Whakatū, to use rimurapa to store food. Creating a forest of light, the installation will give the viewer the impression of being both surrounded and under the sea.


10. iLOOmination 

Nelson Atomic Gardening Society 
Multiple site work 

This very special portaloo is not like the others! It has its own little light and sound experience worth flushing home about.  


11. Nag 

Marcus McShane 
Piki Mai / Cathedral Hill 

A human-powered art studio constructed entirely of recycled materials - come pedal through the night to power laptops, printers, wifi, music, light, and anything the artists need to keep making and making.


12. Kia matomato te tipu i te ao 

Nelson Central School Te Kura Pokapū o Whakatū 
Old Bank Lane 

Flourishing in our learning, flourishing in our world. Parents, teachers and students have all worked together to create a flock of 100 colourful bird lanterns. See them roosting and flying in the tree in Old Bank Lane.


13. Sweet Jane 

Anthony Genet 
Cathedral Hill 

Sweet Jane is a cowgirl, a fringe dweller from the wrong side of the tracks, representing strength, equality and entrepreneurship - and sharing happiness.


14. The Shoreward Surge of the Sea 

Greta & Karl 
Piki Mai Cathedral Steps 

A large-scale interactive projection artwork that celebrates people who act to defend the climate. Join in by submitting the names of people who inspire you and become a part of a rising tide of change.


15. Butterfly Garden 

Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira 
Kirby Lane 

A lush & vivid tropical rainforest scene teeming with life: paint your own butterfly and 'release' your creation into the forrest where it will flutter about will all the other butterflies. Paint your own butterfly:


16. Bounty of the Sea 

Maggy Johnston 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

‘Bounty of the Sea’ illustrates how our waterways are dumping sites for materials including wire, metal, fishing line, nets and household goods.


17. Pig plays Dulcimer 

John Du Four 
World Travel, 228 Trafalgar Street 

Walk past this shop window and be surprised.


18. Pou Rama 

Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

A light sculpture inspired by Māori land symbols of support: pouwhenua.


19. BLOOM 

Charley Draper & Stella Bieringa 
Queens Gardens 

Regional flowers begin to blossom as people walk the Queens Gardens.


20. UV Spaghetti 

Angus Muir 
Hardy St, cnr Morrison Square 

The ultimate crowd pleaser, especially for tamariki.


21. Joy Tubes 

Angus Muir 
Trafalgar x Bridge Street crossing 

Look up for a discovery in the trees!


22. Shishkaboi 

Angus Muir 
1903 Square 

Standing up to 5m, this cluster of coloured spherical lights create a dynamic tension.


23. Nowhere 

Angus Muir 
Piki Mai Cathedral Steps 

Here’s an artwork that plays with the arrow symbol, taking something that is totally functional and making it utterly confusing and unhelpful.


24. Digitised Genesis 

Nelson Mail Building 

An explorative piece of large-scale projected digital art, handcrafted by more than 100 artists from around the world, presenting their view of the new digital world.


25. Return Delivery 

Sue Heydon 
Old Fire Station, Albion Square 

The installation is a response to the artist's continued investigations into the Acclimatisation of English birds into New Zealand in the 1860s and 70s


26. NMIT works 

G-Block, NMIT Campus 

Art works by NMIT's Arts & Media students and tutors.


27. EYE 

Klaasz Breukel 
Upper Trafalgar Street 

A watchful eye - see if you can spot it.


29. Moana of Hope and Light 

Nelson Intermediate School 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

A collaborative artwork that explores our relationships with the ocean and plastic pollution, highlighting rangatahi voices and knowledge. This is our art as activism. Art that will challenge and inspire others.


28. Close Encounters of the Chandelier Kind 

Community Art Works 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

See this magnificent chandelier in a new light, suspended in a garden, shining its loveliness for all to see.


30. Paikea 

Ministry of Inspiration 
Masonic Temple 

Paikea, a life size inflatable whale, suspended from the ceiling, lit from within, and surrounded by suspended plankton lights - all made by the tamariki participating in MOI's STEAM programmes.


31. Lasting Impressions 

Free Range Arts 
Equilibrium Car Park, Church Street 

Position yourself in front of this glow-in-the-dark painted wall and get 'flashed': your silhouette will 'imprint' your silhouette onto the wall for a short while - grab your friends and whānau and create some fun shapes together.


32. Cathedral by Candlelight 

Cathedral Group 
Christ Church Cathedral 

Rest a while and enjoy the Nelson Cathedral by candlelight.


33. Light Dwells 

The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatū 
The Suter Art Gallery 

Works by Shahriar Asdollah-Zadeh, Kauri Hawkins, Jonathan Jones & Michael Parekowhai.
Light Dwells examines the ways in which our sense of place can and should shift, grow, and adapt as we do.


34. Back to Life 

Josephine Cachemaille 
Piki Mai Cathedral Hill 

Populated by ancient ruins and relics collaged from books and magazines, Josephine has invited these ancient entities back to the party embellishing them with sequins, confetti and lively decorations.

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