1. Interactive Games Area 

SuperNatural Studio + The Spinnakers, Nelson Whakatū

Come to Parker Gallery for two interactive installations by:
• SuperNatural Studio 
• The Spinnakers

Aura Interactive
SuperNatural Studio
Ever wonder what your energy looks like when you move? Connect with your shadow to paint dreamlike patterns, dance in coloured liquid smoke and collaborate on real-time art with people around you.
Let your aura make beautiful waves.

Glo Slo
The Spinnakers
Glo Slo is an interactive whirly-burly feature. Many parts of Glo Slo have been sourced from recycled items.
Glo slo is a glow-in the dark double pendulum you can puzzle over;
What is light, but always past?
What is slo but also fast?
Just a stick, with shine on end?
Try predict the path;
you'll around the bend!


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