14. Illuminated Objects 

NMIT Te Pūkenga Art & Media Students, Nelson Whakatū

A series of works by current Art & Media Students, exploring the many qualities, aspects and effects of light.

Living the Dream
Beatriz Gulden
mixed media
A chair and illuminated clouds merge the world of ideas and reality to create a space and sense of wonder where dreams are born. Money tags and soft clouds fall from the sky prompting viewers to ask the question: What is the price of a dream?

Sweeten up your life
Lacey Rangi
mixed media
Reminisce in the fun times of your childhood. Lacey Rangi is now exhibiting the liquorice all sort, raspberry candy, gum drops that you can interact with and more in a light up show. Sharing nostalgic joy for these childhood treats is Lacey’s aim with this project. The use of abstract shapes, bright colours and an assortment of materials create a funky yet fine look in this sculptural art.

A Place for Us
Leanna Watkins
mixed media, cardboard, clay, CDs, acrylic 

A sense of collective consciousness can be seen in this self-sufficient, sustainable, eco-friendly, culturally diverse community. Creating a strong sense of belonging and shared purpose. Connecting values evoke balance and harmony.

A sense of individuality, and creativity are exhibited in this miniature illuminated light, instillation. Mixtures of recycled materials make up the foundation of this eco-village.

Let There Be Light
Mikaela Collins
illuminated Perspex window panels, water-based ink
Let There Be Light entices the public to look up in wonder. Mikaela Collins creates large stained-glass inspired panels creating a contemporary interpretation on the old tradition of visual storytelling. Encouraging you to walk in to experience an illuminated stained-glass installation filled with light and colour. Allowing feelings of peace and hope to flood the souls of viewers engaging with her works. 

Kawea ki te marama / Bring to the light 
Sharon Salmon
mixed media, tissue paper, pencil, acrylic
Ruia taitea, kia tū ko taikākā.
Strip away the sapwood, the heartwood remains.

Moko kauae is a physical manifestation of the spiritual self. Salmon’s body of work explores the birth of her moko kauae. Ascending a wooden pou, seven masks, illuminated, transparent, representing the self, ancestors, whakapapa, and a connection to the past, present and future. Subtle relief patterns of koru, vines and leaves reference roots, growth, and new life. Kōauau (flute), audio instrumental creating a gentle mediative space.

The Tragically Truthful Tale
Shelby Rusbatch
illuminated installation of various sculptures, florescent paint, UV lights
In the bugs realm, where neon glows, pickled toes, and twisted foes. Childlike fear and eerie sights, Welcome to their dark delights. To the crusher of bugs, beware of their wrath, One eye open on your path. Under your bed, check with fear, before you sleep, be aware. Night's insects creep, revenge they seek, the toes they eat in this bugs' world, you now reside, where secrets and darkness coincide.

Just give me a box
Sonja Walker
cardboard, aluminium extrusion, led lights
In front of you sits a cardboard box,
A magical thing it is that unlocks
Something from your imagination
Ignited by illumination.
Maybe I’ll be a pirate on the seas,
Or fly through the air with the greatest of ease,
Be transported to far-off lands,
Or build a castle with my own two hands.
The possibilities are endless, you see,
When you have a cardboard box like me,
Just close your eyes, squeeze inside
Let your imagination be your guide.

Cedar Lights
Justin McComb-Kennedy, Nelson
Justin is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Media at NMIT and has a passion for creating art that is engaging and functional. His inspiration comes from contemporary art, architecture, and technology. Cedar Lights is an example of when these three disciplines can be combined in harmony. Just like a city, this artwork comes alive at night. With its built-in sensors, the more sound it hears, the more it responds.

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