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NMIT Te Pūkenga Art & Media Students, Nelson Whakatū

See the work of nine students from NMIT, projected above upper Trafalgar Street.

Amanda Ledger
High in the mountains, a small seabird takes flight.
This is its last home on earth. It seeks only the moonlight to navigate by.
But where is the moon in this bright sky?

Jay Voltaire
Ties is an animated collection of Celtic knots I created to share the appreciation of the artistic element in patterns. I've expressed this through an abstract look at the meaning of the ancient Triskele pattern, predating the knots.

Emmie Perrin
A brief investigation into natural light sources and their daily occurrence. The title refers to the reassurance provided by the idea that the sun will always do its thing regardless of any other happenings.

Yummy Factory
Doris He
Welcome to the Yummy Factory! Artist Doris has been inspired by many homesick nights, craving all the delicious food back home in China. The magical Yummy Factory produces all the snacks you could imagine – so if you have a craving that you cannot stop thinking about, come to the Yummy Factory and indulge!

Shelby Rusbatch
AI's rapid integration into the art world raises questions about the survival of artists and the impact on creativity. Is it a threat or a tool for artists? Let's delve into the transformative history of video art, guided by the intelligent mind of AI. Where will it lead? Can we distinguish between human artists and AI creations? Surprisingly, AI was employed in crafting this very statement, highlighting its growing role in shaping artistic expressions.

Prideful Lipstick
Mikelti Holland
Mikelti’s art displays equality between people from the Pride Community. She shows the colours of flag from the lipstick each of her characters has on, providing a subtle yet bold statement of treating people correctly.  

The Art of Glitches
Lydia Yan
I've added some retro, glitchy series effects to my work, like old TVs. The effect of the old TV has a steam wave style, graininess and erratic brightness, which is my favourite type. The main elements are the patterns and textures of ancient Chinese style. I combine modern art with ancient art to create the beauty of the collision of elements. My video also includes a lot of colour conversion, most of which are contrasting colours, strengthening the visual impact and enriching the whole picture.

Lydia Polaschek
This animation was created using stop-motion animation and digital hand-drawn animation. I created this animation to explore strange and weird animation styles. Stop-motion has always been a personal favourite animation style of mine. By mixing the two genres, I created something that represents the two styles of animation I admire the most, with a little nod to my interest in horror themes and the strange psychedelic art styles popularised in the 60s. The animation is based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice and Wonderland and the Hallucination scene from the 90’s film Beavis and Butthead do America.

Vital sign of life
Lacey Rangi
Growth of the mind is a vital sign of life. The 4-7-8 self-centring strategy is a great way to introduce mindfulness in your life. Breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds. Setting aside time to practice mindful breathing, you’ll find it easier to deal with stress, anxiety, negative emotions, cool yourself down and sharpen your mind.

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