38. The Suter Art Gallery 

The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatū

The Suter is open late on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 8.30pm

Kāryn Taylor Future Philosophies
17 June - 10 September
Kāryn Taylor uses light, colour and geometry to express the hidden workings of the universe. She questions our ideas around space, time and what we consider as tangible reality. In quantum physics, it is suggested that our observation shifts energy into physical matter and that our experience of reality is determined by this interaction. Taylor plays with relationships between paint, projected light and shade, luminous colour, the viewer, and the gallery space, exploring ambiguous relationships between the immaterial and material.

There's more information on Kāryn Taylor here, and the Suter Art Gallery here.

Night Life
Until 8 October
This collection exhibition celebrates some of the diverse interpretations and treatments of the night. The night can offer much to the wondering mind, heart, and eyes, such as its enveloping dark tones, and metaphorical, scientific, and spiritual meanings. Artists are: Hannah Beehre, Barry Cleavin, Niki Hastings-McFall, Robin Slow, Colin McCahon, and Michael Dell. 

There's more information on Night Life here.

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