7. Galaxiies 

Project Mahitahi, Nelson City Council

Nelson Central ECE, Matangi Awhio (Auckland Point Year 2&3) Whānau Harakeke (Victory Year 5&6) and Te Pitau Whakarei (Nelson Intermediate), community members, Cid Wilkie, Mel McColgan and Vicki Smith

A cosmos of sparkling whitebait twinkle and dance above the waters of the Mahitahi. You’re invited to learn about their ecology, using special UV torches to discover the unique and varied species collectively known as Galaxiids.

This project seeks to illuminate these illusive night creatures, and show how we can care for them and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Created with the help of local students, this community artwork connects us to the īnanga spawning site nearby, visually reminding us that collective small acts can create big change.


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